Background: I started my career as a photographer in Washington D.C. having attended Corcoran School of Art and the Smithsonian Institution, assisted on many shoots for Time, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated and more and worked in an audio production/post company recording Congressional hearings.. After moving to New York City, I worked in the Motion Picture industry as a film director, editor, cinematographer, and sound designer. I continue to embrace all disciplines surrounding visual and audio imagery and storytelling. 
Highlights include a Sundance premiere for a film I worked on and released by HBO: "Teenage Paparazzo",                            working on the HBO film "Madonna Of The Mills", and an MTV nomination for my work on Grammy Award Winning Artist               Miguels' song "Candles In The Sun".                                                                                                                                                                
Recent highlights include over 20 nominations/considerations/wins for a short film that I edited called "Bread and Circuses" (more about that soon), a shared Shorty Award along with Full Picture on Madonna's MDNA Campaign, a nomination by the Norwegian Short Film Festival for our work on the short film "Return of a View".  I also was thrilled to contribute sound effects to both a Cartoon Sound library, which raised over 8k$ for charity, a worldwide Neighborhood Ambience Library, which raised over 20k for charity and to contribute some bug sounds to the upcoming film The Good Traitor.
Alot of my focus these days have been on sound recording, editing, mixing and mastering. I also have a personal sound library of over 32,000 (and growing daily) sound effects and ambiences for post production.
**Coming soon: Excited to share a recent short film that I was picture editor on. Is in the festival submission process (selected twice so far!) and will be sharing a trailer within the next week.
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