Camera Packages Available: 


RED EPIC-MX Digital Cinema Camera











O'Connor 50D With 100mm Bowl and Sticks

Cartoni Laser With 100mm Bowl and Sticks



Arri 3 light Kit : 600Watt, 300 Watt, 150 Watt Fresnels

Desisti 1K Fresnels (3)

Lowel Dp 1k Open Face Lights (2) Lowel Tota 1k lights (2)

30in and 24 in China Balls

1k Dimmers


Motion Control:

Seven Jib (6ft)

Igus Slider

Pico Skate Dolly


RED Pl Adapter

RED EOS Adapter

RED FD Adapter

RED Anton Bauer Gold Mount Batteries (4)