Ro James "Devils' Kiss" Official Music Video

Recently shot this music video by director Sarah McColgan, for Ro James, an amazing songwriter and performer, who's co-written hits for Grammy winning artists, as well as established himself as one of the next on the rise artists. His 3 part album is unfolding now with the release of part 1, "Coke". 

Check out more of his work here:

Director: Sarah McColgan

Director of Photography: Eric Schneider

Editor: Anna Gersetenfeld @ Bonch

Colorist: Eric Alvarado

Producer: Lelani Foster

Second Camera: Arnold Finkelstein

Assistant Director:

Artist Management: Eddie Blackmon

Keith White

Production Assistant: Tucker Gott


Miguel "Candles In The Sun" Official Music Video

Had the pleasure of working with the amazingly talented Sarah McColgan  on a new music video for Grammy Award winning artist Miguel. I was Director of Photography on this video and edited it as well. This video wouldn’t have happened without a numerous amount of awesome and talented people, including Arnold Finkelstein, Hector Rene, Lelanie Foster, Eric Alvarado, Joel Chapman, Juan Elias, Nilson Martinez, Steve Langdon-Smyth, Gia Gilliard, Jessie Westside. Special shootout to all of the extras in the video for taking their time to help us create, (special Shoutout to my cousin, Ben Frankenberg, and my daughter, Madison). Please check it out, and share it I hope you like! 


Director/Second Cam: Sarah McColgan

Director Of Photography/First Cam/Editor: Eric Schneider

Producer: Gia Gilliard

Additional Producing: Nilson Martinez

Third Cam: Arnold Finkelstein

Assistant: Leilani Foster

Assistant: Hector Rene

Assistant: Joel Chapman

Assistant: Juan Elias

Assistant: Steve Langdon-Smyth

Color Correction: Eric Alvarado